i’ve built a career that supports my goals, values and my mission in life. a career that allows me to use my skills to do some good.

Over the past few years I’ve found myself creating in many different ways, from building brands, businesses and websites to curating health and wellness classes, events, retreats and experiences.

I worked as a freelance creative and business consultant in London until serveral years ago when I took a career break. I loved to create, to build brands and to bring stories and ideas to life, but something was missing for me. I decided to spend some time reconnecting with my passions and finding the parts of my job that I loved the most, I realised that I missed connecting with people and being able to spend time outdoors in nature. During this time out, I focused on doing the things that bought me happiness, travel, time with friends and family, time outdoors and time spent on self-healing and self-development. I discovered my passion for yoga and bodywork and decided to pursue a path training as a yoga instructor and bodywork specialist.

Focusing on my wellness and wellbeing has become a non-negotiable part of my daily routine. Every day I take time out for my mental health through daily meditation and breathwork practice, and I make time to move my body. I love doing sports that allow me to be outside and surrounded by nature, over the years I’ve developed quite a passion for sliding sideways, be it on a snowboard, surfboard, wakeboard or skateboard. I live in the mountains in the winters and by the sea in the summers, this seasonal lifestyle means I get to travel, do the sports I love and meet inspiring people from all over the world.

I don’t feel like I work at all, I love all aspects of my job and feel very lucky that I get to do what I do. I provide my clients with a range of design and mind + bodywork services in various different ways, Through creative coaching and consultancy I help bring brands and ideas to life and through retreats, workshops and 1-2-1 yoga, mediation and massage sessions I help my clients to integrate wellness methods into their everyday life to improve wellbeing and enhance work performance  I do this all through my freelance contracts, my retreat company, MVMT Retreats, my co-work + recreation space, The Yard and also my yoga studio Powder Yoga in the mountains of Niseko, Japan.

It feels right that this online space has become a place for me to share all the various ways in which I create, and how they’ve all come together over the years as my experience has built and grown.

Missing feeling the fresh air on my skin already. But the quarantine was worth it to see all my favourite faces in London Town. ❤️
Look Mom! No hands 💪🏼🚲
Windswept and smiley. Spent my last day in London Town biking around with my two favourites @_mamatography and @_abbie_abbie gonna miss you guys so much!
Finally stumbled on this dreamy canal boat book shop today. 📚
Scouting out coffee shop inspiration… ☕️🌿
Hey yogis... what’SUP! Whose keen for some SUP yoga??

📷 @tonirodriguezshoots
A whole year of adventures with this tiny flooooof. 🐶🐶
Hokkaido life...